Boiler Room to return to Notting Hill Carnival with 42 hour live broadcast

Following last year’s successful 42 hours of coverage of the annual street party, Boiler Room return to Notting Hill Carnival 2017, extending their efforts by documenting from within the party and spotlighting the stories of the people who make up the Carnival community.

The online platform has also revealed plans to address threats to the event’s future by helping tackle private and public funding issues, having recently won an Ambition for Excellence grant from Arts Council England that supports the proposal.

They’ll be broadcasting Rampage, Disya Jeneration, Aba Shanti-i, Channel One, Nasty Love, Saxon Sound and Deviation continuously from 12 midday till 7pm on Sunday and Monday via Boiler Room TV.

To warm things up, at 3pm today they are broadcasting 2010 Sound System documentary Musically Mad, which runs alongside their ongoing short film series Champions of Carnival that has featured everyone from UK soca artist Triniboi Joocie to TFL worker Alexis Bailey.

Boiler Room will broadcast Notting Hill Carnival live from 12 midday till 7pm on Sunday and Monday on Boiler Room TV.

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