Boiler Room announces day-by-day curators for 2019 festival debut

Back in June, UK institution Boiler Room announced it would host its very own festival for the first time this October. The 4-day event will operate at venues across London, but with a stronghold based in Peckham’s Copeland Park.

It’s in the last week that Boiler Room have further announced the partnerships and curators who will take over each day of festivities.

Day one of the festival will lend itself to jazz, with proceedings being headed up by Peckham’s very own Rhythm Section and Balamii, as well as East London staple Brilliant Corners and artist collective Steam Down amongst others.

The second day brings rap to Copeland Park. Youth culture collective and NTS regulars Bone Soda are set to curate, as well grime luminaries Lord of Mics. Boiler Room’s very own Low Heat presents: Gelato X Acrylic will also take the reigns with curation for, what will be, a day of rowdy grime, and pulsating hip hop and trap.

Bass is on the menu for the Friday of the festival. Some of soundsystem culture’s biggest promoters will ensure a healthy dose of bass-weight is administered to revellers. Forward thinking dubstep crew Deep Medi are among the curators, as well London bass pioneers FWD>>. The Friday at the Boiler Room festival will leave your eardrums ringing.

The fourth and final day of the festival is dedicated the club, with a heavy focus on championing women and inclusivity. London outfit BBZ will bring their signature dancehall and urban flavour, and the Berlin-based queer femme collective, Room 4 Resistance will take care of the more experimental side of things. Also curating on the day are Foundation FM, Herrensauna and Mamba Negra from São Paulo.

Boiler Room festival will take place from 9th – 12th October 2019, grab your tickets here.

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