Bicep share ‘Glue’ video and release two new tracks

After their triumphant debut album, the Belfast-born duo return again to Ninja Tune for their latest EP ‘Glue’. The newest release unearths two new tracks ‘Metro’ and ‘DLR’, which have been manically making the rounds on music identification groups, since first trialed in their live show.

With an atmospheric big room sound and restrained production style, the pair keep the momentum going with their melancholic and vibrant textures. With the newest release comes a nostalgic and moving video for the title track ‘Glue’, which takes homage to the historical late ’80s and early ’90s rave era.

Directed by Joe Wilson, the video pans across a series of landscapes, focusing on the sites on where the infamous raves took place and recollects the euphoric memories of the events.

The Glue EP  is out now via Ninja Tune. More info here

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