Benji B Airs New Photek Material

One of the nineties foremost producers of electronic music and real drum n’ bass, Photek is set to release some new productions in the new year, as debuted by Benji B in a scorching session on Radio 1 on Wednesday night.

The Ipswich-to-London-to-LA producer, renowned for his classic albums ‘Modus Operandi’, ‘Form & Function’ and the chicago house leaning ‘Solaris’, has focussed on film scores in latter years, lacking a full release under his most recognized moniker for over 5 years (the brutal ‘Baltimore’ and ‘Mercury’ with protégé Teebee being highlights of the mid-noughties).

Benji B’s show covered a triplet of new Photek material, taking in dubstep ‘Avalanche’, real electro subtleties ‘101’ and 140 bpm house music ‘This City’.

Other highlights on the show include a live session from Hyperdub’s Darkstar, a scorching Mala remix, and new tracks from Pangaea and R1 Ryders.

You can stream it all here.

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