Barbican Cinema To Showcase Hip-Hop Classics

Four landmark films will be screened as part of a month long celebration of Hip-Hop culture…

Curated by the good people over at Blue Boy Entertainment, four films have been cherrypicked from the 1980s and early 1990s, an era when Hip-Hop rose to prominence on a global scale, ultimately having a seismic effect on popular culture as we know it today. The organisers present this as an opportunity to not only look back and celebrate,  but to also ask whether the message of this era of Hip-Hop still resonates today.

Proceedings commence tonight (Thursday 5th March) with a screening of witty teen comedy House Party, starring rap duo Kid ‘n Play. John Singleton’s powerful coming of age story, Boyz In The Hood, will be shown on Monday 9th March, whilst on Thursday 19th March the clock rewinds to the summer of 1984 for Breakin’, the box office smash that inspired a whole generation of B-Boys. Things come to a close on Tuesday 24th March with CB4, the razor sharp Hip-Hop mockumentary starring and scripted by Chris Rock, featuring cameos from Eazy-E, Shaquille O’Neal, Ice Cube, Flavor Fav and Ice-T. All films will be lovingly screened on 35mm film.

Hip Hop Matters: House Party (15)
5 Mar 15 / 20:30 / Cinema 1

Hip-Hop Matters: Boyz n the Hood (15)
9 Mar 15 / 20:30 / Cinema 3

Hip-Hop Matters: Breakin’ (PG)
19 Mar 15 / 20:30 / Cinema 1

Hip-Hop Matters: CB4 (18)
24 Mar 15 / 20:30 / Cinema 3

For more information and tickets head over to the Barbican website.

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