Bad Bruises continue Black Magick London residency at Electrowerkz

Bad Bruises, the team behind the infamous Berlin clubnight House Of Red Doors, are set to come back to London’s Electrowerkz this September following their debut in the Big Smoke last April.

Fittingly slotted for Friday 13th of September, Bad Bruises’ mad circus will feature a host of international DJs and performers in immersive installations – with Ostgut Ton’s Somewhen, London house and techno DJ Kasey Riot and Cyber-Brazilian Trans DJ Sanni Est amongst the billing.

Bad Bruises state they’ll create a “debauched playground in the infamous Elektrowerkz for you to lose yourselves in” and advise ravers they must adhere to the party’s mythical themes by channeling their inner black magick and transforming themselves into creatures from other realms.

Check out a video from their April London debut and find details and tickets for their September edition below.

Bad Bruises London #2: Black Magick takes place at Electrowerkz, Friday September 13th.

More info and tickets here.

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