Audio-visual act Polyop to release ‘Stigmergy’ EP on Nudibranch Records

‘Stigmergy’ will be released via their own imprint, Nudibranch Records this November. 

Based in London, Polyop began as a collaborative project between music producer Jack Driscoll and visual artist Alex Kempton. Together developing a system that allows them to perform both audio and generative visuals in a live context, they’ve since called up musicians Harry Orso (Ratomagoson) and Finlay Macaulay (Macaulay Sulkin) to become part of the ongoing project.

Having performed at a number of festival and venues around London since they first formed in 2016, Polyop’s influences combine their love for science-fiction, Nintendo 64 graphics, rave music, 80’s electro concept albums and squelchy synthesizers.

Stigmergy marks their third release date, with Driscoll stating the idea for the record was inspired by the concept of Stigmergy, described as “the behaviour of ants in coordinating their movements by leaving trails of pheromones that they reinforce over time.” He found similarities between this and theTB303, and it’s infectious sound, drawing people to the acid-house scene, and states these themes and ideas were heavily dominant during their writing process.

Also featuring remixes from Ratomagoson, Macaulay Sulkin and the Rave Retirement Community, hear Polyop’s lead cut and see the artwork and full tracklist below.


1. Stigmergy 07:19
2. Stigmergy (Ratomagoson Remix)
3. Stigmergy (Macaulay Sulkin Remix)
4. Stigmergy (Rave Retirement Community Edit)

Stigmergy is out November 23 on Nudibranch Records. 

Preorder the EP here.

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