Anthony Naples releases new album, ‘Take Me With You’

Anthony Naples has released a new album, Take Me With You, via Good Morning Tapes. 

The twelve-track album follows a 12″ on ANS earlier in the year, and is the New York producer’s  second full length after 2015’s Body Pill. 

Said to be originally conceived as a DJ mixtape dedicated to time spent with friends in the early hours after the party, Take Me With You touches on the styles of  trip-hop, ambient house, dub and more in Naples’ signature fuzzy fashion.

Cassette and digital copies are out now, whilst the Vinyl edition will arrive on January 25 2019. Listen to the album in full below.


1. Alto
2. Goodness
3. Drifter
4. Spiral
5. Tango
6. 365
7. Shredder
8. El Portal Pt. II
9. Love Loop To Fade
10. Worldwide
11. Things Will Never B Tha Same
12. Take Me With You

 Featured Image: Jenny Slattery

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