All Ears hearing protection campaign launches within the UK clubbing scene

Together, Alpine Hearing Protection and Watch The Hype are running a tinnitus prevention campaign within the UK clubbing scene, shedding light on the risks involved with prolonged exposure to loud music and providing people with solutions to avoid irreversible damage.

The campaign will partner with 10 of the UK’s most prominent electronic music venues, including Corsica Studios, Village Underground, Motion, Wire Club and Pickle Factory, to distribute Alpine PartyPlugs to their patrons at a number of high-profile events.

The PartyPlugs will be available for purchase as part of the advance online ticket as well as during the nights, with Watch The Hype and Alpine representatives within the venues to educate attendees about tinnitus and give advice about the benefits of wearing hearing protection.

For more information on the prevention campaign and the venue partners, head over to the All Ears website

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