Auntie Flo launches 24-hour radio with fair economic model for musicians

Named Ambient Flo, the new station aims to help listeners relax, focus and sleep. 

Launching today, Ambient Flo radio has been formed around three priorities; music, health and fair economy. The station promises music throughout morning, day and night with specially selected playlists to help you get you through the day.

Shanti Celeste, Optimo, Nick Höppner and Nicola Cruz are among some of the artists who have been invited to curate playlists for the station. In turn, those featured on air will also be supported by a new and innovative financial model.

Money from subscriptions will be split between guest curators and musicians of whom their music has been selected and played. Despite a radio licence being in place, the Ambient Flow team will proactively contact musicians to ensure they receive their fair share.

The idea for the station was not only inspired by the effects of the lockdown but also punctuated by Auntie Flo’s recent training in Sound Therapy. The Scottish musician, real name Brian d’Souza, will take an active role in curating the music schedule. Every sound you hear will have been selected with mental health and support in mind.

For this model to work, Ambient Flow’s first goal is to hit 500 Patreon subscribers. Until then, the radio station will operate without profit, as any money generated outside of artist payment will be reinvested in running costs. Once they hit 500 subscribers, their financial model will evolve to ensure artists take a bigger share of revenue.

You can support Ambient Flow via Patreon here.

Check out the station here.

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