A Guy Called Gerald, Greg Wilson, Pxssy Palace and Discwoman explore UK club culture at Nightlab

An intimate insight into the past, present and future of UK club culture.

Established by Eventbrite in partnership with Mixcloud, creative platform Nightlab is an event and podcast series that brings together the leading thinkers, promoters and entrepreneurs from across the UK’s night time economy and event industry.

Following their debut in March last year with an event and 4-part podcast series centred around the evolution of the nightlife industry, Nightlab recently invited UK dance legends Bill Brewster, DJ Greg Wilson and A Guy Called Gerald, as well as a number of cultural activists like Pxssy Palace and Discwoman for a double bill of discussions that provide an intimate insight into the past, present and future of UK club culture.

With Bill Brewster hosting, Greg Wilson and A Guy Called Gerald’s session saw the “Madchester” icons share career stories, speaking in-depth on their experiences adjusting to the evolution in British club culture, from the golden age of the Hacienda to the present day.

The second panel featured Luis-Manuel Garcia, co-founder of Berlin based collective Room 4 Resistance, Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, co-founder of Discwoman; Nadine Artois, co-founder of Pxssy Palace; and Ryan Lanji, curator and creator of Hungama. Exploring the resurgence of politically driven nightlife, guests discussed their individual battles and successes in their push for inclusive dancefloors, empowering marginalised artists and raising awareness on global issues.

Again archiving both sessions, Nightlab have produced four podcasts which are now available to listen to below.

Listen back to all of the Nightlab podcasts via Mixcloud.

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