Hyp 007: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Hyp 007: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wolverhampton’s Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the new breed of young producers taking hip-hop, dubstep, garage and real song writing skill into the studio and coming out with a unique amalgamation of bass heavy bombs ready for your headphones as much as the floor.

With peers like Mount Kimbie, James Blake and Ramadanman, plus a handful of fantastic releases on imprints such as Black Acre and Hemlock, FMF has been one to keep an eye for a while now, and big things are promised come 2011. Check out his superb mix of Burial, Brandy, The XX, Débruit, Newham Generals and more below.


1.Zed Bias Feat. Tawiah – Two Sides (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix)
2.Brandy- Angel in Disguise (Fantastic Mr Fox Refix)
3.Fantastic Mr Fox – Over
4. Burial – Stairwell
5. The xx – Crystallised (Dark Sky Remix)
6. Breakage feat. Newham Generals – Hard (Martelo edit)
7.Rudi Zygadlo – Filthy Logic Pt. II
8. DéBruit – Nigeria What?
10. Sully – In Some Pattern
11. Dexplicit – Bullacake
12. James Blake – Love What Happened Here

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