Hyp 434: Yazzus

Hyp 434: Yazzus

Dive into Yazzus’ high-speed whirlwind in this week’s edition of the Hyp Mix

This week we welcome Yazzus for an hour-long mix full of her own productions. It’s very telling of her energy. The Ghana-born, London-based producer has expressed on previous occasions how important the rave scene is for her, and how she wants to transmit a feeling of transcendence in her own sets.

Yazzus is part of the crew 6 Figure Gang, alongside LCY, Dobby, Jossy Mitsu, Fauzia and Sherelle. They’re known for bringing a new and spirited flavour to UK club music which focuses on banging bass-heavy sounds. Each member has their own style which finds strengths within the wider collective. Yazzus takes most inspiration from 90s hardcore rave and intelligent jungle, components which make both her production and sets upbeat and high energy.

Her mix fully embodies this. Staying high-tempo 140pbm to 160bpm and beyond, Yazzus shows her thirst to get back to the dancefloor. A varied blend of genres are found within, mixed with her signature and infectious joy. Further demonstrating how this artist’s music can provide the means for a real spiritual experience, given a club setting and a great sound system.

Check and grab Yazzus’ productions via her Bandcamp here

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