SHUBOSTAR lays down cosmic sounds in her hour-long Hyp mix.

It was in Mexico City where Korean producer and DJ, SHUBOSTAR progressed in her craft and broke through into the electronic scene. Moving to the Mexican capital following a job lead, she stayed for some time, instantly falling in love with the people and culture.

“trying my best to survive but still missing the rave!”, she says of her current situation. Now stuck back in Korea due to the ongoing pandemic, she has started running her own downtempo party in Seoul, named DAUM TEMPO. She can also be found fishing for vinyl to play at listening sessions, in bars that are still allowed to open.

With influence from artists like Todd Terje, Lindstrøm and Tom Tom Disco, Shubo’s music is best described as a personal spin on Italo and Nordic disco, a style that she refers to as ‘cosmic disco’. She delights us with an hour-long mix that encapsulates this style; a naturally spirited and dynamic journey. In light of her new and exciting plans, we hear about her influences, projects and inspirations for the mix. Dig into both below.

Hyponik · Hyp 433: SHUBOSTAR

Thank you for compiling this mix for Hyponik, what was your main inspiration for it?

As we can’t have proper clubbing these days due to COVID19, I made this mix imaging myself playing in a packed dancefloor. Powerful Indie Dance, Cosmic Disco and then closing with some Italo Disco. I love to finish with Disco after building up with dark tunes. I also took the chance to include some of my latest and upcoming productions, guess which ones are them!

Can you tell us more about what’s been happening musically in Mexico City? How did you end up settling here?

I first went to Mexico because I had a temporary occupation in Cancun. Once there I met a friend from Mexico City which invited me to play at his party. Many of his promoter friends were there and after that, the requests kept growing and growing, so I decided to quit my temporary occupation and move to Mexico City. I was supposed to move to Canada after these few months in Cancun!  Not only my music career convinced me to settle down in Mexico, but I completely fell in love with the city and the people there.

Something I really admire in the Mexican scene is that most of the DJs are also producers: they run the local scene with tracks which they produce.  Many cities in Mexico have their own underground scene, a thing which is not happening yet in Korea. Luckily in the last period, some cities beside Seoul and Busan started to have some underground music venues which make me hopeful for a better future for the local scene, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming next for South Korea!

You have a new EP coming up, can you tell us more about it?

My Lynch EP (coming next 4th Dec on AnoAno) is a project started last year when one of my Parisian friends asked me to send some of my demos as he wanted to start his very own record label together with his crew. It ended up with me sending over a couple of tracks which they loved so much that I have been asked to be the first EP of their brand new label.

We had a meeting and photoshoot in Paris where we discussed also a launch party, which of course have had to be cancelled due to COVID. In the process, some very talented artists have been invited to complete the pack: Curses and Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys. They all made an amazing job on the remixes and I can’t wait to have you all listening to the outcome of it.

When I produced Lynch I was in the meantime watching Twin Peaks Season 3. I love everything related to David Lynch, even his voice. After that, I produced Maoi, where I used a Mongolian throat song. The title is from the chemical compound MAO-Inhibitors (MAOI), which temporarily and selectively suspend the barrier provided by these enzymes, and allow the DMT to be absorbed.

Tell us more about your label uju records!

‘uju'(우주) means cosmic in Korean, ‘Cosmic Disco’ – A base of disco but with more techno elements. I decided to launch my own label inviting my favourite ‘Cosmic Disco’ artists to remix some of my own productions. Label concept includes also artwork from my Korean painter friend Daryung Kim. I’ve felt an instant connection between my music and her painting.

During 2020 we haven’t released any single or EP as I’ve been focusing more on releasing tracks on other labels, plus the pandemic didn’t help at all. But next year we’ll be back with something big: first thing in the making is a new EP from me including 2 originals and backed with remixes from Zombies in Miami and Panthera Krause.
Exciting times ahead!

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