Hyp 432: ‘nohup’

Hyp 432: ‘nohup’

Seattle’s ‘nohup’ meditates on the meaning of freedom in their Hyp Mix debut

Scene’s across North America and Canada are bearing serious fruit. Aside of the more globally known homes of Chicago, Detroit and New York, you can find deep and intricate pockets within cities on either side of the expanse; Seattle and Vancouver in the West, Toronto and Montreal in the East. In this area of the world, there’s something that can only be described as a tireless energy to create and share. Straight out of Seattle, ‘nohup’ is one of many feeding into this directly.

A multimedia artist, DJ and producer, ‘nohup’ isn’t short of projects or aliases. Moving under numerous musical disguises (‘sighup’, DJ Kaaba Emoji, Mystery Contusion), they also head up a neat selection of side hustles. Their apparel brand, Resident Visor makes bespoke rave visors sporting quotations from Resident Advisor. They also created the techy Twitter bot account, hardwaxbot. Which is essentially a feed of the best descriptions from Berlin record store, Hardwax. 

Earlier this year, they launched the label Illegal Afters Tracks. Striking for it’s approach, the label raises money for charitable causes with quality tunes and slick no-frills art. The project had a flying start, raising over $1100 from their first record; split between Real Rent Duwamish and Loveland Therapy Fund. This need to share is something that threads scenes in North America and Canada together. In turn, allowing those involved to have the freedom to create in whichever way they see fit.

On their Hyp mix debut, ‘nohup’ lingers on this thought. Meditating on the meaning of freedom. Without giving too much away, this mix is a representation of how freedom can develop true artistry with wide-ranging and thought-provoking outcomes.

Disclaimer: This piece has been edited. The original write-up consistently used incorrect gender pronouns. ‘nohup’ uses they/them pronouns.

Hyponik · Hyp 432: ‘nohup’

Richie Havens – Freedom (Live at Woodstock)

Robert Armani – Kick

Lurka – Plenty

The Advent – Funkage

Sam Mollison – Cry (DJ Gogo Mix)

God’s Property – Stomp (Booker T Spiritual House Mix)

Special Request – VORTEX 135

Reptant – Ectoplastic

Itsu Ono – Murder Scene Concerto (In Bass)

Footclan – Ride

Kronos Device – Qube

Volsoc – Compuphonic Intelligence

Bernard Horn – Ticket 2 Tomar

Firefox & 4-Tree – Warning

Instinct – Free Life

Marvin Belton – Bleed To Be Free

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