Hyp 431: Bored Lord

Hyp 431: Bored Lord

When you hear the workings of Bored Lord you won’t forget it in a hurry. The DJ and production alias of Daria Lourd, she is boundlessly creative and this shows in her unstoppable output. Since March, she self-released new music on every single Bandcamp Friday, April through to October. Daria’s music has been something to look forward to, in times when looking to the future feels like staring into the void.

Bored Lord is unique and possibly best known in recent times for her stylistic edits, although her talents and musical knowledge extend far beyond this. Pulling together often opposing genres, the highlights of 90’s pop anthems marry seamlessly with raucous rave sensibilities in the hands of Daria. No Doubt’s ‘Don’t Speak’ becomes a dubbed-up breakbeat bop, Mariah’s ‘We Belong Together’ now a pacey, organ-lead injection of euphoria.

Music is a clear art-form for Daria. A direct reflection of her lived experience as a trans-woman in America. Her rapid release schedule is only one representation of the fight that exists within her and her peers daily. Her music brings with it togetherness, nullifying differences that ‘societal norms’ attempt to perceive. She’s one of the most exciting artists of our time and now she’s on the Hyp mix.

Across the next 60-minutes, expect to hear all of the aforementioned goodness for which we love Bored Lord. Moving from a stunning breaks edit of MJ Cole’s ‘Crazy Love’, Daria showcases her widespread knowledge of dancefloor music. Garage, jungle, hardcore, electro, bleep, you name it. It’s all found inside.

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