Hyp 430: Konrad Wehrmeister

Hyp 430: Konrad Wehrmeister

Munich producer, Konrad Wehrmeister has been featured on Molten Moods, Ilian Tape and SVS Records, to mention a few. For this week’s mix, Wehrmeister takes us on a journey where everything’s possible. Reversing well-used structures with a pacey start, he pairs lines of rolling beats and bopping electro, before drifting out into ambient soundscape in the latter half. This unique formula makes for a guaranteed start-to-finish listen with unexpected moments at every turn.

Thanks for taking the time to compile a mix for Hyponik. Could you tell us more about it, some of the artists you’ve included and the general aesthetic you’ve gone for?

Thanks for inviting me! I was thinking of a mix with slightly faster tracks, as there is currently no way to experience them in clubs, you should at least fly away on the bike while listening. There are tracks from Toma Kami, who is pretty innovative rhythm wise these days, as well as from Loto Retina who in my opinion has a crazy aesthetic in terms of sound design, also in his more slowed-down productions. The final song is from The Necks which is a very important band to me. They combine so much of what I found interesting and radical.

What’s in store for you? Any future projects aligned up?

Yes, I am actually working on a new record as well as on a remix. Also, I am working with my collaboration partners Max and Jakob on various projects to be announced.

What can we normally find in your music library? Any artists you have kept on repeat lately?

As with most, lots of different things! For all the various moods that I have, I kind of need a soundtrack to respond to. Spontaneously I would say jazz on the acoustic, and ambient on the electronic side is one the most important for me.

Arthur Russell is on repeat these days as he has always been a huge inspiration for me in many aspects. Also, I recently discovered”K. Leimer”. He was involved in a lot of interesting and very diverse projects. And of course, there is the music of all the friends around me who are constantly developing and experimenting which is very essential to keep my tension high!

What has kept you inspired in these difficult times? What have you been up to?

I had many basic routines during the day with my roommates and we all tried to stay positive most of the time. I actually heard more music than I produced. That’s probably mainly due to the summer and also that my setup was not working well. I’ve done a lot more in the last few weeks though, autumn is just my time to be creative I guess.

Konstrukivits – Sierra Nevada
Loto Retina – Puzzle
dj swagger & luz1e –  bluster attack
Loto Retina – Réflexe
Hamilton Scalpel – Southern Cross Aerobatic Team
R-Zac – Base Support
Struction – Strukture
John Beltran – flex
Loto Retina – Loco
Mr James Barth – Hold Still
Toma Kami – Immature Cheddar
Jasmin – distraction
Vtgnike – Brazil Prince
Sinister – Pop it
K. Leimer – The Human Condition
Kid Lib – Jungle Battle
Oto Hiax – Overcure
Vtgnike – 11 318
The Necks – Quay
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