Hyp 429: Kareem El Morr

Hyp 429: Kareem El Morr

An all-embracing hour spent with underground producer, Kareem El Morr.

Munich-based Kareem El Morr explores club-oriented techno and UK inspired breakbeats in his work. He first caught our attention back in 2018, when his track Eros 404 was included in an Ilian Tape compilation. With a new breakbeaty EP ready to be released on Jonas Yamer’s Molten Moods label and another techno-oriented body of work in the pipeline with RFR Records, we thought there would be no better time to invite Kareem to our mix series.

During the current pause in clubbing culture, Kareem has sought to use this time to experiment further with the concept of sound and hard-hitting techno. Compensating for time lost in the club, he delights with mix spanning from ambient to breakbeat, through techno and fast bass.

“That’s also where my inspiration for the mix comes from, I wanted to showcase my interpretation of club music, which is at the same time suitable for heavy headphone listening or a cranked speaker couch listening session,” Kareem says. “I tried to combine influences from UK contemporary broken beat stuff but also with classic techno vibes, to let the style sit somewhere in between those genres.”

Listen below to his all-embracing mix, perfectly suitable for heavy headphone listening by chefs orders!

01. Svibovitch – Prekrasno Kandinsky
02. Post Scriptum – Decades To Millenia
03. Pugilist – Untitled
04. Imre Kiss – No Tuning back
05. Axefield – Root Down Rhythm
06. Acid Jesus – Interstate
07. Biosphere – SETI Project v.1
08. Sepehr – Unfold Your Myth
09. Carlota – Cool in the pool
10. Skream – Phatty Drummer
11. Pinch – Accelerated Culture
12. Reeko – Street Tool #1
13. DJ Fulltono – Melt in to the Floor
14. Rory St John – Commune
15. Cesco – Angry Waves
16. Submarine – No Sleep
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