Hyp 428: Jex Wang

Hyp 428: Jex Wang

Based in London, Jex Wang is a photographer, writer and member of the collective music platform and label, Eastern Margins. Chinese-Australian Jex has lived all over Europe before landing in London where they discovered Eastern Margins via Instagram. As a collective, Eastern Margins seek to create visibility for East and South-East Asian bodies in the music industry. Through monthly events pre-covid they gave safe space to the community and now through their NTS show and Twitch channel, they give platform to East and South-East Asian artists.

Jex is a keen activist, using their voice not only as part of Eastern Margins but also in their writing, photography and now music. Their explosive style of DJing caught our attention immediately, finding their early mixes through Soundcloud blending Gwen Stefani edits with propulsive bangers. Although relatively new to DJing, Jex has a command over their sound that rivals many established names. This is why we invited them to our mix series. 

Always full of surprises, this mix is a chaotic joy-ride; the best kind. High energy, zig-zaggy, spine-creeping tunes and transitions, strap yourself in, it’s Jex Wang in the mix.

Hyponik · Hyp 428: Jex Wang
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