Hyp 427: OPOLOPO

Hyp 427: OPOLOPO

Fresh and uplifting selections from OPOLOPO.

Hailing from Zirc, Hungary and now based in Stockholm, OPOLOPO, has built a reputation for exceptional productions. Known across Swedish dancefloors, his music and remixes have found homes on leading labels such as BBE, Z Records and Defected, also seeing him DJ worldwide from London to as far as South Africa.

Yoruban for “plenty”, the name OPOLOPO describes the artist’s style to perfection. Whether through house, funk, breakbeat or soul, OPOLOPO is an expert in uplifting, summery vibes. Marking the return of the Hyp Mix, the Hungarian artist delights with a vast selection of genres and groovy tunes, perfect for listening at home or at an open-air dancefloor.

Landing ahead of his upcoming album ‘Sickla’, this mix is representative of OPOLOPO’s vibrant personality and charismatic flair. The forthcoming LP, which is to be delivered in three different parts with Swedish label, Local Talk, envelopes a variety of moods and tempos. A collection of sounds that make all those worries go away.  

Known to curate primo house music in collaboration with the likes of Terrence Parker and Crackazat, Local Talk have gained similar prominence for their output with influences from jazz, disco and soul. 

The first part of Sickla is available today. Grab it here

Listen below to OPOLOPO’s mix. The perfect medicine for lazy morning listening. 

Hyponik · Hyp 427: OPOLOPO  


OPOLOPO – Loose Limbs

Addvibe – Lonely

Urban Sound Lab Presents Miss Yankey – One Less

Farsight – Leg Shake

OPOLOPO – Moonwalk

Sivey – Nobody Else

Heritage – What U Wearing

Nuff Pedals – Only Forwards

RK Fusion – Time Flight (The James L’Estraunge Orchestra Remix)

Mxdope – Deep Sentiments (Dub Mix)

Jazzuelle – The Access Point

OPOLOPO – Magnetopause

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