Hyp 425: Drone

Hyp 425: Drone

Since moving from Hastings to Bristol to embark on a three year Music Production course, rising producer and DJ Drone has immersed himself within the soundsystem culture that echoes through the walls of his home city. Hanging in the circles of bassweight units like Young Echo, Sector 7 and Coyote Records, his musical voice, like much of his contemporaries belongs toward the colder end of the spectrum, sitting somewhere between the darkest corners of grime and dubstep.

Whilst Drone’s beats have landed via London’s Hear Other Sounds, Boofy and Lemzly Dale’s Sector 7, and even on a stack of limited edition USB’s for the lucky few, the producer’s latest experiments mark a return to one of London’s most important low end outlets, SYSTEM. Returning to the label helmed by VIVEK a year after his Amphibious / Lucid Dreams 12″, five-tracker Flooded truly comes stamped with the promise to shatter any dance, with weighty cuts like ‘Fear’ and the title track sure to keep even the most seasoned of steppas’ eyes glued to the floor.

So under the current climate, its more than our appropriate that our final pre-hibernation mix is one to shut down any system, as we celebrate Drone’s new record on VIVEK’s legendary label by inviting the Bristol producer to unleash 45 minutes of raw, low end carnage.

Read our interview with Drone on dubstep, returning to SYSTEM and finding his sound here.

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