Hyp 424: Significant Other

Hyp 424: Significant Other

An hour of electronic experimentalism from the outer fringes of dance music.

Significant Other is a name we first became familiar with back in 2018 when he debuted on Darwin’s SPE:C Imprint. Since then has released through Well Street Records and now his latest offering, Club Aura has recently dropped via UK imprint Oscilla Sound. The record is a masterfully executed excursion into murky, rhythm focused electronics, with syncopated drum patterns, ice cold synthesis and a careful, patient ear for arrangement.

His mix for us takes this approach several steps further. Significant Other leads us on an exciting journey into the furthest reaches of cutting edge electronic experimentalism and leftfield dance music. Incorporating techno, noise, spoken word, poly-rhythmic mixing, drum & bass, broken beats and more, he has stitched this myriad of sound together in an ever evolving form, never settling on one place or tempo for long, but neither loosing focus or flow.


A.01 – Howes
Weld – Exael
Brexit (Katatonic Silentio)
A3 – De Leon
B1 – Mark
Phase 1 – Black Merlin
Pornoire – Don’t DJ
Percussion Workout 2 – Randomer
Avardub – Randdo Brand
Trash And Ready – asda
Lapslap – Ena
Hang Up – Klute
Around You Go – Kris Haha
Slave No Slave (Bambounou Reshape) – François K
Now Thing – Lenky & Sly
4’03” – Wahoo
Delusion (Version II) – Harmonious Thelonious
Pes#2 – Baptisma
Cristal I – Aylu
Kosovo Hardcore – Bambounou
Biggest Bully – Rhyw
YEK 122-12 – YEK Friedman/Mortaz
Tripping’ On Istikal – Helm
Studies In Drama – Toulouse Low Tax
Bam – Hodge
Jah Nuh Dread (Forest Drive West Remix)

Club Aura is out now on Oscilla Sound.

Buy it here.

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