Hyp 416: Low End Activist

Hyp 416: Low End Activist

Last month saw the welcome return of  Low End Activist. Having previously released a single in 2017 with grime MC Trim via Frits Wentink’s Bobby Donny imprint, he’s back on the scene, and with a weighty new record in tow.

The six broken and bass driven tracks that make up Low End Activism were crafted out of samples lifted from a VHS recording of Muzikon Sound System playing at a 1988 carnival in Blackbird Leys, the Oxford estate where LEA grew up. In fact, he was at the other end of the field on that day, playing in the five-a-side tournament.

In light of this return as Low End Activist (he can also be found operating as Patrick Conway and Pat Ca$h) he has put together a full throttle, no nonsense mix for us.

While on the record, LEA looks back at the more traditional sound system tropes of sirens and bass weight, in his mix for us he has explored the more contemporary off shoots of sound system culture. Encompassing grime, garage, rave and beyond, choice cuts inside come courtesy of Walton, Demdike Stare, Logos and Skanna. This one is packed wall to wall with club wreckers so listen below but keep your gun fingers ready, you’ll need them!

Madteo – Resident Alien (Broke–’N–Steppers Reluctant Club Mix)
Anz – Regular
John T. Gast – Bad 9 (5 Temple Gate)
Walton – Bullet #2 (Tectonic)
Lucretio – Tell Me (Warm Sounds)
Kode9 – Oh (Hyperdub)
Demdike Stare – Patchwork (Modern Love)
Hooverian Blur – Old Gold (Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club)
East Man – Selector (Padre Himalaya)
Ase Manuel – Red As In Blue
Instinct – Pistolwhip (Instinct)
Scratch DVA x Gage – PIFFD (Keysound Recordings)
Last Japan ft. Killa – Exhale (Sully remix)
Alan Johnson – Step Inna War (Forthcoming Art-E-Fax)
Logos – Eska (Berceuse Heroique)
Headie One feat. Skepta – Back To Basics (Floating Points remix)
Artwork – Round Sound (Big Apple Records)
Lee Gamble – Enverom (Hyperdub)
Martyn x Dolo Percussion – Misfit City Rolling (Future Times)
Pinch x Kahn – Send Out (Tectonic)
Mark Pritchard – Lock Off (Warp Records)
Skanna – Untitled B2 (Skanna)
A Guy Called Gerald – Alita’s Dream (Juice Box)
Goldie – Dark Metal (Source Direct remix)
Paradox – A Funky Mule (Reinforced)

Low End Activism is out now via Sneaker Social Club.

Buy it here.

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