Hyp 415: Redstone Press

Hyp 415: Redstone Press

Fierce club mutations from Glasgow’s ever-promising Redstone Press camp.

Lewis Lowe makes up one half of Glasgow based record label Redstone Press, alongside friend and collaborator Ethan Harfield.

Both originally hailing from a small town called Forres in the north of Scotland, the pair moved to the City in order to start the label, and having so far put out two quality offerings of darkside techno via Ethan’s experiments as Pseudopolis, they now gear up for their third release – hosting fellow Scotsman Liam Robertson for a four-tracker of techno, bass and broken beat explorations.

It’s in anticipation of Liam’s Village Of Killin EP that we invite label head Lewis into the mix. Having DJ’d for almost 10 years after starting out as a club photographer, he’s now a familiar face at mainstay venues like La Cheetah and Sub Club, often spinning alongside notable figures like Laska, Ribeka and Bradley Zero.

With almost 90 minutes of ammo from Trilogy Tapes, Gobstopper Records, Berceuse Heroique, Circular Jaw and more, Lewis notes that the mix is very loosely based on the new Redstone record and where his head at right now… in the darkest corner of the club, clearly!


El Kid – Mercury (No Corner)
Konduku – Bolu (Idlehands)
Elmo Crumb – I’m Still Dizzy (Trilogy Tapes)
Xes Noiz – A3 (Nation Of Noise/Seven Hills Records)
BFTT – Ofusc (Gobstopper Records)
Upsammy – Vacate Or Annihilate (Whities Blue)
Freddy Fresh – Korea (Howlin’ Records)
Hodge – Xenomorph (Berceuse Heroique)
Rrose – Nest Of Queens (Eaux)
Evil Medvěd – Angry Tree Spirits (Noctambulant Sound)
Liam Robertson – Wrestling Halfbeak Fighting Taxa (Redstone Press)
Vester Koza – Frm Angel Meadows to Abundant Slums (Houndstooth)
Debba – ??? (Circular Jaw)
Liam Robertson – Clay Petrel (Redstone Press)
Francois Dillinger – Vertical Horizon (Dionysian Mysteries)
Bruce – It’ll Pass (Hessle Audio)
Liam Robertson – Loxia (Redstone Press)
Simo Cell – Stop The Killing (Intello Mix) (Livity Sound)
Bruce – I’m Alright (Asusu Remix) (Timedance)
Donato Dozzy – Mindless Fullness (Eerie)
Brian Waltzera – FX Mod DAISY CHAIN 5o (Provatron’s panevropi ’98 remix)
JD Twitch – Maya (Autonomous Africa)

Liam Robertson’s Village Of Killin EP is out December 6th.

Order it here.

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