Hyp 414: Cando

Hyp 414: Cando

Bristol duo Chad Leotaud and Owen Roberts aka Cando, made waves earlier this year with their debut release for broken techno and dubstep institution Livity Sound. The dense and gritty bass weight on Bleak/Sundown rubbed shoulders with intricate summery drum programming inspired by Chad’s West Indian heritage – the makings of mature and understated first EP loaded with their individual personalities.

Cutting their teeth in Bristol’s vibrancy, Cando now find themselves as regulars on the city’s club circuit, whilst also drawing eyes from the continent – they make their Irish debut in Dublin early next year.

Chances are, you may have already hooked your ears around a Cando riddim unknowingly; Yushh, EMA and Yak have all recently featured them in mixes and radio shows, whilst a forthcoming collaboration with fellow Livity label mate Bakongo has been teased via Bristol’s 1020 radio.

With a comfortable ascent coming together, we welcome Leotaud and Roberts to our mix series for a 60 minute ride through shifting rhythms, intensities and tempos, with music from Joy O, Shanti Celeste, Henry Greenleaf, Chekov and more.

Joy Orbison – Breath in
Shanti Celeste – Voz Instrumental
Henry Greenleaf – Steve Ping
Low jack – Grass 29
Kouslin – 2020 Vision
Henry Greenleaf – Masterpiece Jam
Cando – Clutch (Kouslin Remix)
Low jack – Virgin Traf 22
Sheik – In & Out (Kouslin Remix)
Troy Gunner – Knee Slap
Lurka – Minds Eye Tript
Cando – Release The Bees
TSVI – Labyrinth
Kouslin – Turbo
Tammo – Untitled
Bruce – Baychimo
Chekov – Long Term Space Graffiti
Cando – Stashed
Unknown – Untitled

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