Hyp 413: High Hoops

Hyp 413: High Hoops

Manchester Party duo High Hoops have been representing the city’s queer scene hard at home and abroad since 2015, running parties cemented in an ethos of love, inclusivity and Voguing.

From there first nights at the now defunct Roadhouse with the likes of Marshall Jefferson and DJ Sprinkles, to their current work at The White Hotel and Hidden, there number one priority is creating spaces where any and all persons can feel safe and have fun.

Their passion and drive has seen them move from promoters to respected selectors in their own right, after being invited to host and play a party at Soundwave festival, Croatia.

Their mix for us is a powerful 50 minutes of peak time disco and acid infused house music with choice cuts from KLF and Todd Terry inside.

Age of Chance – Times up
TYU – Dub Africa
Cyence – Slave (Dark Disco mix)
Johannesburg Albert – Credit Jive
Marco Lazovic – Elektric Disko (Olsvanger remix)
Charlotte Bendiks – Hjemme Erotic
KLF – What Time Is Love?
Jonathan Kusuma – Gong 3000
Buwrut – Ciquita (Posthuman mix)
Route 8 – It Keeps Flashing On Me
Dawl – parties in the basement
Todd Terry – Samba
Luca Cazal – Afromance
Santiago Salazar – Sucio Beat
Omma – 1905

High Hoops’ next party goes down on 14th December at The White Hotel with Mim Suleiman.

Tickets are available here.

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