DIY London: Unbound Events, a party crew on the rise

DIY London: Unbound Events, a party crew on the rise

The rising London party crew step up with a 90minute club assault. 

Unbound Events specialise in boundary-pushing dance music, not for the fainted hearted. Their ethos incorporates adventurous lineups alongside a DIY culture with limitless possibilities. In a nutshell, if you want to see next year’s hottest talent before they blow up in an intimate setting, Unbound have you covered.

But what goes into this operation? and how does a small outfit go from basement parties to being one of the leading voices in London’s fiery left field techno scene? Fresh off hosting the likes of Skee Mask, Batu, Afrodeutsche, Bruce, SPFDJ, object blue, Zenker Brothers, Solid Blake, Radioactive Man, SHYBOI, Galaxian and Simo Cell amongst others, we ask them about the highs and lows of promoting in London, and what it takes to get your own event off the ground.

They also step up for the Hyp mix, hitting us with with a 90minute assault of adventurous club patterns that glide between 100 and 160bpm and echo the sonic journeys their raves have become known for.

How did Unbound start out?

Charles was working a job in corporate law and got incredibly depressed, so started Unbound as a passion project and an outlet to pour his energies into. After lending a hand with the first event, Aidan was instantly hooked by the musical ethos and message of the party. This led on to helping to plan and organise the parties – shortly after this, we expanded to a team effort with our resident DJs Olly + Rory , VJ Benny and Ryan.

What challenges have you faced putting on parties in London?

There’s always way too much going on in London, so there’s a lot of risk when putting on a party – you could have the best lineup ever but there could be something that people happen to take to more and that’ll be all your money gone. The scene here is v healthy and everyone is v friendly, but it still does feel like you’re in competition with everyone!

What’s been Unbound’s standout moment so far?

It definitely has to be the one-two combo of selling out our first ever day and night party with Batu, Peverelist, SHYBOI and Hodge, quickly followed up by playing Griessmuehle as part of Killekill’s Summer Camp Series. Both experiences happened almost exactly two years after the first event, so it was unbelievable seeing how far we’ve come in such a short space of time.

What advice would you give to a crew looking to put on their own parties?

Don’t do it just for the sake of it. It’s nowhere near as glamorous/lucrative as it looks, so make sure that you have a clear vision of what you to represent. Always try and keep things as risk-free as possible ‘cos it’s far too easy to just burn a ton of money promoting! Being unique is important in such a saturated scene; keep the party fresh, forward-thinking and exciting.


Konduku – Pembe Alan (upsammy remix)
Mr. Mitch – Phantom Dance
Simo Cell – Balandbeat
Florentino – Mamasota
TSVI – Whirl
Chekov – Toothru
Doctor Jeep – Pax
Florentino – Colombian Flute
shadowax – Nikolai Reptile
Valentino Mora – Hualien
Ossia – Dub Hell
Identified Patient – Vrouwe Fataal
Clara! – Acero
DJ Lag – 3 Step Culo
Svreca & Voices From The Lake – Between The Lines
Afrodeutsche – WTFWTFWTF
Doctor Jeep – Dorado (ft. Fixate)
Otik – Dannii Minogue (Dub)
Amazondotcom – Leopard’s Dream
Cando – Bleak
Gafacci x Hagan – Yenko
Locked Club & RLGN – Tsukare
Forthcoming Seven Hills Records
Sleep D – Centro
Caski – Gasp
SPE:C – Edeka – Karton Gespart
Two Shell – SYNC-2020
Sync 24 & Morphology – Foreign Fruit
DJ Plead – Liquify
SP:MC – Vintage
Skee Mask – RZZ
Forthcoming Redstone Press
CAIN – Eshu
Pelada – Asegura
Fundamental Knowledge – 1994 – 2 (2019 Version by Skeemask)
Anthro – QPO
Ronan – Dream Portal (Reptant’s Lizard Tech Mix)
DJ Cable – Mayan Riddim
Rian Treanor – ATAXIA_B2
Lakker – Ton’Neru (Arad Remix)
Shadow Moses – Phreeks
DJ Rashad – In Da Club Before Eleven O’ Clock

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