Hyp 408: Doctor Jeep

Hyp 408: Doctor Jeep

Since first appearing on Alma Mater back in 2013 with Sphinx, Brooklyn producer and DJ Andre ‘Doctor Jeep’ Lira has continued to work round the outer edges of bass music, never sitting too comfortably in one corner and always looking for new ways to mutate his palette. Originally inspired by the alien sounds of UK imprints like Hessle Audio and Hemlock, Doctor Jeep in turn has developed a sound identity that mirrors the success of those labels, as his sonic quest too ensures the lines between genres remain blurred with a focus on beats that can mould to various club movements of the underground.

With past releases on Trouble & Bass, Bun The Grid, Tumble Audio, Chaos Clan and more, Jeep also heads up DRX, the label where he just slid out his latest batch of twisted rave experiments. Snake Eyes, a three-track EP of twitchy rhythmic patterns that glide between the grooves of techno and dancehall, might just be his sharpest productions to date, already on heavy rotation from cats like Minor Science, Pariah, Mor Elian and Solid Blake.

To celebrate the release we welcome The Doctor to our mix series, stepping up for Hyp 408 with an hour long mix that focuses on “the slower end of the spectrum, weaving chugging 90bpm techno with bassy dancehall and very very late night electro”. He’s also kindly provided a buymusicclub link if you’d like to supports any of the artists featured.


1) Yilan & Ren – Niffler // Unreleased
2) lym. – DISFORME // BRUK
3) Slikback – Just I // Hakuna Kulala
4) Cuyo – Override (2020 Mix) // Good Enuff
5) Simo Cell – Uranium // BFDM
6) Avow91 – Royalty Must Die // Unreleased
7) Kouslin – Sharper // Unreleased
8) Troy Gunner – Knee Slap // Unreleased
9) Still – Rough Rider (Low Jack Remix) // PAN
10) Doctor Jeep – CPU // Forthcoming DRX
11) Doctor Jeep – The Hypnotist // DRX
12) Miss Red – Murder // Red Label
13) Low Jack – Virgin Traf 22 // Editions Gravats
14) Still – BANZINA // PAN
15) Piezo – The Mandrake // Version
16) DJ Nervoso – Ah Ah // Príncipe
17) Low Jack & Qoso – Like It Soft // In Paradisum
18) Gamma Intel – Bad Intel // Forthcoming Brokntoys
19) Doctor Jeep – Pax // DRX
20) Wilhelm – Assignment // GlassTalk
21) Mark Archer – a1-2 a1-2 // Art-Aud
22) Doctor Jeep – Princeton // Forthcoming DRX
23) K-Lone – Batucada // Wisdom Teeth
24) Doctor Jeep – Que Tal Esa // Forthcoming DRX
25) Pugilist – Ruins // Forthcoming Temple of Sound
26) Nonku Phiri – Regrettables // Albino Black

Snake Eyes is out now on on DRX. 

Buy it here

Photo Credit: Rachel Amico

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