Hyp 405: Hezziane

Hyp 405: Hezziane

Darkside club pressure and dirty analogue frequencies. 

“Dirty Analogue Frequencies” reads the description of Hezziane’s Soundcloud page. A new alias of well known dubstep producer J Kenzo, the sound he leads with as Hezziane is indeed all-killer-no-filler acid business, most recently ran via Cold Recordings after flexing two releases on Acid Plate.

Currently based in Belfast, Hezziane’s recent 12″ for his old dubstep pal Pinch shows he can hit with just as much weight when slowing components down to the 120 region, as the breakbeat power of ‘KV-08’ and electro muscle of ‘Pivot’ ignite more than an equal measure of darkside pressure to those of his finest 140 moments.

Making a long overdue debut on our mix series, Hezziane moves in the style of his murky production palette, working his way through an hour and a half episode of volatile electro, techno and breaks.


Neheun – Wake Up Luis Ricardo
Cardopusher – End Local
Tapirus – Role One Myself
Adonis – No Way Back
Hezziane – Lurgan Spade
Bim Sanga – The Sherm
Hezziane – Hallion
Shedbug – You Think?
J Tijn – Yoshi
Hodge & Randomer – If I Could Stop (Alden Tyrell & Serge Remix)
Randomer & Cadans – Angry Fiddle
Jan Driver – Rauhe Sitten
Marcel Dettman & Ben Klock – Bad Boy
Hezziane – KV-08
Kamikaze Space Programme – Leyland Daf 45
Cadans – Hollow Funk
Granary 12 – Bonbinate
Maelstrom – Blue Stamp
Hezziane – TimeFunk
Kamikaze Space Programme – Minus 28
Amit – Bad Chemist
Dustin Zahn – Submit Yourself
Ejeca – Encounter
James Shinra – Arc (Benjamin Damage Remix)
Tobias Lueke – Bound
Doka – Inure
Trevino & Roberto – Jan Roller

KV-08 / Pivot is out now on Cold Recordings.

Buy it here.

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