Hyp 404: Jerome Hill

Hyp 404: Jerome Hill

Jerome Hill is a name embedded in London’s clubbing DNA. Operating for almost 30 years now, Hill is known for his wealth of musical knowledge, a love of all genres and his no nonsense, yet highly skilled, approach to DJing.

From acid house and bleep techno to hip-hop and b-boy breaks, Jerome Hill also boasts an impressive retinue of label ventures and projects, which he uses as an outlet to release the music he deems fit for purpose. Don’t, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is Hill’s flagship techno label, with Fat Hop providing a more lyrical and breaks infused aesthetic. More recently though, Hill established Super Rhythm Trax, a label synonymous with wiggy electro and nasty acid, and yet another way the seasoned London selector can flex his tasteful and broad palette.

We’re lucky enough to have Jerome in the mix for us this week, teaching us a lesson in techno, bleep and hardcore from a host of newer sounds he’s been feeling, with a track list that isn’t quite so straightforward; you’ll need to dig for this gold.


1. An exercise in samba by Cocktail Party Effect
2. A solid oldie by JoeFarr
3. A funky wonker by Kirilik
4. A song that changed the world by Technarchist
5. A sinister lumber by Gesloten Cirkel
6. A lunatic brokebeat by Jerome Hill
7. A clapping gun by Cocktail Party Effect
8. Another song that changed the world by Boner M
9. An exercise in paranoia by JK Flesh
10. A 90’s belter by Umek
11. A cold as ice classic by The Mover
12. A remix of Sir Real by Jerome Hill
13. A big old break by DJ JM
14. An otherworldly uplifter by Jerome Hill
15. A thought outside the box by LFO
16. A remix of Stave by Regis
17. A Weirdo by PTU
18. A straight up Ghetto Banger by Luke’s Anger
19. An artefact by Armando
20. Another anvil by Cocktail Party Effect
21. A remix of Nightwave by Jerome Hill
22. A remix of Aphex Twin by Jerome Hill
23. A straight up roller by Truncate
24. A return to the fold (2019) by Si Begg
25. A Ghetto House Juker by Waxmaster
26. A remix of Frankie Castle & Ford Foster by Jerome Hill
27. An acid trip beyond Nebula II by Warlock

Songs That Changed The World (Don’t 040 LP) is out now via Don’t.

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