Hyp 403: NPLGNN

Hyp 403: NPLGNN

Channeling the spirit of ’89

Having appeared on labels like Nute, Boomkat’s Reel Torque, Where To Now? And LAVALAVA Records, Neapolitan experimentalist NPLGNN is somewhat of an unpredictable producer. Taking sharp turns with each sound creation he puts forth, the Naples artist is just as fluent in channeling his inner ambient spirit with partner in crime Dave Saved as he is calling for a soundsystem frenzy via his hardcore dancehall experiments.

His entry for our mix series offers another sharp turn, as NPLGNN runs with tracks entirely made between ’89-’91 that recall the UK’s Second Summer Of Love – a name given to the rise of acid house music and the euphoric explosion of ecstasy fuelled parties.

Speaking on the episode, NPLGNN states the “the idea was to re-call the hedonist and escapist spirit of that time through the delays and reverbs of the abandoned warehouses where the party were held back in the days. It’s someone observing from the outside what maybe was the last empathic movement we had in the music, able to build temporary utopias based just on the sound and the sharing of feelings within the community.


The Jam Machine – Everyday
Jack E Makossa – Opera House (Acid Fingers Strikes Again Mix)
Gino Latino – No Sorry
Wood Allen – Airport 89
Swan Lake – The Dream (54 Dub Mix)
FC Flightt – Jump For Joy (Black Box Remix-Radio Version)
Fast Eddie – I Can Dance
Black Box – Everybody Everybody
Tyree – Acid Over (Tyree Mix)
Phase II – Reachin’ (Negro’s Extended Remix)
Pierre’s Phantasy Club – Fantasy Girl
One Tribe ft Gem – What Have You Done

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