Hyp 402: Logic1000

Hyp 402: Logic1000

If you’ve caught Four Tet at some point this year the chances are you’ve already heard Logic1000‘s handy work whether you know it or not. Samantha Poulter is yet another promising Aussie export with an ear for UK focused riddims that will ignite any dance floor.

Originally from Sydney but now residing in London, it seems this cultural shift has paved the way for Poulter in refining a sound that doesn’t traditionally fit into a certain genre mould. Her career so far has been brief, but full of clout – last year’s self titled EP was an underground sensation that made its way into the spotlight with centrepiece track, ‘DJ Logic Please Forgive Me‘ featuring in the aforementioned Four Tet’s set at Coachella earlier this year. The Logic1000 EP, as a whole, comfortably explored house, bass, techno and hip hop with ease, creating a final body of work that was both classy and versatile.

It’s with exciting times ahead, including an appearance alongside Theo Parrish at Printworks later this month, that we lock in Logic1000 for a quick chat and genre spanning guest mix. Expect an hour of tribal workouts and club warfare from the likes of DJ Plead, Cop Envy, ANZ and Persian.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s hard to pin point a particular sound because my music is kind of widespread in terms of genre. Although rhythmically I’d say it’s UK inspired.

What inspired you to work in music?

From the time I left school up until I found music, I tried so many different careers. From mental health to childcare to floristry to running small businesses. Music i stumbled across. It was something that has always been a part of my life and I always looked up to my sister who is a talented musician but I never imagined myself as one or even entertained the idea. One day I asked my partner Cop Envy to help me make some songs on ableton because I was bored of the music I was listening to at that time and from there he gave me lessons on how to use the software. Before I knew it I had my first release on sumac and now I’m a DJ/producer! It feels right!

Your sound is partly influenced by UK-centric dance rhythms. Is this something that happened when you moved to the UK or were you following the UK scene whilst still in Australia?

I’ve been listening to and following UK dance music for over a decade now, I have been a little obsessed with it. I remember watching the early boiler rooms when it started and really “fan girling” out. It’s definitely an influence. There’s something about it that I can’t put my finger on. And the funkier stuff really gets me going haha.

Is there a notable difference between UK and AUS music scenes? If so, how?

I’ve only been in the UK for 3 months so I don’t feel I’m in the position to comment on the UK scene just yet. Perhaps you can get back to me in a year or two hehe.

Can you tell us a bit about your Hyponik mix? Are there any tracks or artists you’re particularly excited about currently?

This mix is quite a bit faster than I would normally play which I’m very excited about. 135-140 is a range I can really get behind, my early dance music listening was in this range so this mix feels nostalgic in a way. A good friend of mine, Hamish Dixon, introduced me to a lot of these tracks many years ago – he has immaculate taste. The stand out track for me is by African Head Charge. It’s an anomaly in this mix but I had to put it in there and I think it fits in nicely. I’m also super excited about the new ANZ ep so I had to put one of her tracks in there. It’s something I’ll be playing out a lot.

You’re playing at Printworks for The Hydra on Sunday 25th August. What can people expect from your set?

I’m going to hopefully play some unreleased edits of my own, as well as my friends music – like Cop Envy, DJ plead, Hamish Dixon, Poison and Cassius select. All my favourites at the moment!

How does it feel to be on a lineup with the likes of Theo Parrish, Moodymann and Larry Heard?

It’s a wild feeling, I’m still going to be pinching myself while I’m playing!! I can’t wait, what an honour it will be.


Harlem Spartans – Harlem Realist
Appleblim – Girder
Loefah – Goat Stare
Altered Natives – Rass Out
DVA – Step 2 Funk
Cop Envy x DJ Plead – Benny
Tunnidge Tribe – ???
DJ Plead – Baharat
RSD – Pretty Bright Light
African Head Charge – Off The Beaten Track
Sector Y – Hit Control
Birdland – Can You Dance To My Edit
ANZ – Help Your Two Hips Move
Digital Mystikz – Eyez
Dimzy, Sj, Liquez & Asap – Streets
Sovereign – Truly
Persian – Feel Da Vibe

Logic1000 plays Printworks on August 25th 2019, get your tickets here.

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