Hyp 398: Gacha Bakradze

Hyp 398: Gacha Bakradze

Hailing from Georgia, we first became aware of producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Gacha Bakradze through a mighty 12″ for R&S sub-label Apollo Records back in 2012.

A descendant of the post-dubstep landscape, Gacha’s repertoire has continued to expand over the years, as he’s ventured further into the worlds of house, techno and electronica both under his own name and the aliases of Winter Flags and Bakradze. His last record, Monument, came via Mor Elian and Rhyw (Cassegrain)’s Fever AM imprint and offered a punchy four track of sharp club explorations, alien synth play and broken beats.

Welcoming him to our mix series, Gacha’s 90 minute mix works much to the formula above, as he moves between the dubbed out, minimalist riddims of Beatrice Dillon, Forest Drive West, Elmo Crumb, Gene On Earth and more.


Mike Paradinas – Hi-Q
Doppelate – Rreal
Dorisburg – Cirkla
JMII – Modulation
Gene On Earth – Hatchback
Lee Kelly – Still Hopeful It’s True (DJ OK Remix)
Savage Hymn – Animals V2
Forest Drive West – Other
Beatrice Dillon & Call Super – Inkjet
Cop Envy – Rat Break
Gacha Bakradze – Rubber Plant
Forest Drive West – Time
Artefakt – Hypnosis
Locked Groove – Out Of Orbit (Anastasia Kristensen Remix)
Etapp Kyle – Prizma
Elmo Crumb – I’m Still Dizzy
Stojche – The Exchange
Barker – Look How Hard I’ve Tried

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