Hyp 396 – Hypho

Hyp 396 – Hypho

Hypho navigates a sonic space landing somewhere between dubstep and broken UK techno. Whilst his entries for US label Jelly Bean Farm explore a experimental sound, his release for Loefah’s 81 last month stands firmly in dubstep’s weighty corner. With some grime-influenced undertones in his productions as well, the end product is a DJ and producer broadening his horizons, and looking for his next challenge.

Hypho, real name Louis Richardson, also balances life as a label owner too. He set up Manuka Records alongside Amadeo Sanchez in 2018, with a label roster that speaks to the bassier side of club music. With two V/A’s and a flagship release from Tony Rocky Horror earlier this year, the Manchester-Seattle link up looks to be a promising one.

For this weeks mix entry Hypho teaches us a lesson in UK bass. “It’s mostly just unreleased stuff of mine and a few unreleased I’ve been told not to shout out yet” Hypho tells us, talking on the mix. Check out his ambiguous contribution below.

Round ‘Ere EP is out now via 81

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