Hyp 394: Air Texture – Repetition is Beauty (Deep Ecology Mix)

Hyp 394: Air Texture – Repetition is Beauty (Deep Ecology Mix)

Celebrating electronic music as an egalitarian, classless, and empowering art form.

Place: is a new compilation series created by Air Texture founder and long running music operator James Healy. Its objective is to highlight the local scenes, producers, and creative communities across the globe, by inviting a resident to compile the musical project.

A collaboration with Kompakt, all of Place’s proceeds are donated to local groups working on human rights issues. They launched earlier this June, releasing two compilations that came compiled by Giorgi lakobidze and Sandro Mezurnishvili of Tbilisi and Juliana Cuervo of Medellín, focusing on the electronic music scenes of Georgia and Colombia.

To celebrate the launch, we asked James to record a mix, which comes inspired by both the tracks off the  compilations and some of their wider musical connections. With sounds from the likes of Tanuki House, Max Cooper, MVMNT and Varg, check the mix out and some words from James below.

“I made this mix in Colombia and Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest after a successful launch of our new nonprofit Place: in Bogota and Medellin at the beginning of June 2019. The world is full of inspiring cultural and biodiversity, but it has to be protected from the power and economic structures that want to destroy and own everything. It’s a disease of greed and egoism and it’s killing everything that is pure and true on this earth.


Tanuki House – Alternate World – Occult Research – 2016
Delta Rain Dance -Transmission Three – Delta Rain Dance – 2019
Rodolfo Alzate – Ecosistema – Place : Colombia – 2019
P. Adrix – Estação de Queluz – Príncipe – 2018
Ice Eyes – Xanthippe – Seagrave – 2016
Lee Gamble – Folding – Hyperdub – 2019
Max Cooper – Emptyset (Etapp Kyle Remix) – Mesh – 2019
Joakim Hellgen – Sketches – Who’s Susan – 2018
D5 – Go To Sector 15 – Indulge -2019
Fred P – For Real (Interlude) – Soul People Music – 2012
Maarten MIttendorf, Jasper Wolff – The Second Expression – Indigo Aera – 2012
Bonaventure – Physarum – Planet Mu – 2018
Protect-U – RE7 Naodem – U-Udios – 2017
MVMNT – Unseen – Place : Georgia – 2019
Bubble – Backyard – Self Published – 2007
Tanuki House -Memory Quartz – Occult Research – 2016
Varg – Final Crush (For 940524) – Posh Isolation – 2018
William Selman – Musica Enterrada (Matthew Patterson Curry Remix) – Mysteries of the Deep – 2018

For more information and to purchase both Place compilations, head to their website here

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