Hyp 391: Leisureware

Hyp 391: Leisureware

Fluid moods, squiffy grooves and cosmic jams.

In a capital brimming with nightlife, it can be hard to make a club night stand out. Leisureware, however, has managed the feat. The London based DJ runs ‘The Occasional Feel-Good’, a party which represents a dream-like extension of his breezy slacker-like style and taste. Working woozy electronica and psychedelic trip-hop, Leisureware breeds a hunger for the brightly oddball, and curious leftfield.

Running a radio slot also offers Leisureware another outlet to preach his sound and ethos. Soho Radio, and Bristol’s Noods Radio have both catered monthly shows for him. These slots don’t just give Leisureware a musical presence, Soho Radio describes The Occasional Feel-Good show as “[pondering] cosmic matters and [bemoaning] their mysterious lack of gigs”, a chord that strikes with many of us i’m sure.

Talking on the mix he has compiled for us, Leisureware dedicates it “to bygone blissed-out summers” and tells us we can expect “Balearic heat from Lexx, One Dove, Perishing Thirst, Tranquility Bass, Watt Noize and many more. Bleary snippets of comedown dialogue. Wavey ocean ambience.”

Enjoy Leisurware’s luminous entry below.

Leisureware is playing The Occasional Feel-Good on Saturday 8th June at SUPERMAX in Kings Cross.

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