Hyp 388: Basic Rhythm

Hyp 388: Basic Rhythm

Broken club formulas and UK rufige from Planet Mu’s Basic Rhythm.

Whether forming his own ‘hi-tek’ take on grime as East Man or rumbling the spirits of jungle and hardcore as Basic Rhythm, Londoner Anthoney J. Hart has always found inventive ways to bring a new dimension to the broad palette of UK rufige.

Growing up on the boundary of East London and Essex, Hart’s roots lie in the golden age of ’90s club music, once a DJ on the legendary Rude FM and an avid documenter of the pirate radio era – most notably displayed via his ongoing mix series, ‘Straight From The Bedroom‘.

It’s Hart’s Basic Rhythm alias that places most of its focus on the dancefloor. Drawing on the rave skeletons of the UK’s past with a firm gaze forward, his forthcoming album, On The Threshold, for Planet Mu is his third under the moniker. The 10-track record comes described by the label as “colourful, brutalist and adventurous”, drawing on the project’s familiar touchstones of drum and bass, jungle and hardcore.

In light of the album’s release, we asked Hart to hit us with the current weight that he’s stacking. Presenting new and unreleased pieces from Scratcha DVA, Mickey Pearce, Gage, Parris, and his own vaults, check the mix out below.


01 Jamie K – You
02 Mickey Pearce – Damage
03 Basic Rhythm – Feel Me (Parris Remix)
04 Gage – Red Sky Red Water
05 Mickey Pearce – Jam 5
06 Parris – Puro Rosaceae
07 Gage – Yaywfab
08 Mickey Pearce – Some Bullshit
09 Gage – Provoked
10 Mickey Pearce – Stay of Execution
11 Basic Rhythm – London Warehouse
12 Walton – Bullet #3 (Pirate Mix)
13 RS Produçōes – Calpirinha
14 Single White Female – Dub
15 Basic Rhythm – Can’t You See
16 Scratchclart – Untitled 999
17 Diverse Arts – The End (Basic Rhythm’s Funky Mix)
18 Basic Rhythm – Too Nuff
19 Sole Fusion – Bass Tone (DVA’s Soul Destroy Mix)
20 Walton – Cowbell Riddim
21 DVA & Gage – Flytnurse (Darq Mix)
22 Basic Rhythm – 4 Da Kru (RP Boo Remix)
23 DJ Nate – Bring Your Best Crack
24 DJ Nate – Get Off Me [Betta Get Back] (Basic Rhythm Remix)

On The Threshold is out May 10 on Planet Mu. 

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