Hyp 387: Blue Veil

Hyp 387: Blue Veil

Danny Clancy is a multi-threat talent in the music industry: curator, entrepreneur, producer, label boss and DJ, he most recently made a name for himself by launching Re-Textured festival with his brother, Kieran. Not confined to one location, the festival raged in multiple venues across London with stars like Nina Kraviz, Blawan and Volvox.

Although, starting a festival may seem like a taking a dip in the deep end, the two brothers have been throwing parties in London since 2009 as part of the Krankbrother collective, collaborating with major brands like Adidas, We Still believe and Sink the Pink along the way.

Launched Dichotomy Records in 2018, Clancy’s label has served up 5 releases so far, three of which are of his own works. His latest EP, Dreaming in Colour, is a melodic and measured piece that draws on subtle chilled out bliss.

To honour the release, we invited him down to our mix series, where he unveils a muggy blend of dub techno and stripped back house.


Arovane & Porya Hatami – Rhizone
Rolf Ono – Rotate
K Hand – White Label
Nirione – Dubnium
Golden Baby – Can I Ride
Primal Code – White River
Radu Mirica & Enzo Leep – Indiopole
Upwellings – West Coast Sunshine
SLV – Origins Of Light
Mohlao – Neptune
Heavenchord – Depth Of Field
Evan Marc & Steve Hillage – Intention Craft
Bathing – Seneca Falls
Scurge – B.Piano #3
Coppice Halifax – Dayglo Daze
Kevin Drumm – Christ!
Isorinne – Evighetsarp

Blue Veil’s ‘Dreaming in Colour’EP is forthcoming via Dichotomy Records.

Order it here.

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