Hyp 386: Dead Man’s Chest

Hyp 386: Dead Man’s Chest

Jungle tekno control from Bristol’s Dead Man’s Chest. 

Straight out of Bristol, producer, DJ and visual artist Alex Eveson initially broke onto the scene as a designer for labels like Metalheadz and Exit Records before becoming a stalwart craftsmen of the drum and bass community. Active since the mid 2000s, his music as Eveson has landed via label favourites like Good Looking Records, Creative Source, Critical, Shogun Ltd and V Recordings.

Nurtured on a “strict diet of mixtapes, raving in fields and doodling in school books”, Eveson turned his attention to his Dead Man’s Chest alias in 2014, exploring sounds around the 150bpm mark and reimagining the vibe of the ’90s rave/jungle scene through his own twisted lens.

With rounds on Ingredient Records, Rupture London, Dext Recordings and his own Western Lore, his revival continues with a recent effort on the always nutty Bristol platform Sneaker Social Club. A mash up of jungle and tekno, Eveson goes toe-to-toe with his posse of Sonic, Response and Coco Bryce across four tracks in proper junglist spirit.

To honour the record, we requested Eveson unload his crates and step to our mix series. Bringing a barrage of ruffed up breaks, lo-fi wobble and dust and crackle, press play below!


01: Dead Man’s Chest – Invert The Pyramid (Tribute II Eris) // Western Lore*
02: Dead Man’s Chest & Sonic – Pum Flex // Sneaker Social Club*
03: Response & Pliskin – The Voyeur // Western Lore*
04: DJ Krust – Jazz Note – V Recordings
05: Unknown – Human Resources // Hate
06: Dead Man’s Chest – Exorcisms // Sneaker Social Club*
07: Dead Man’s Chest & Response – We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes // Sneaker Social Club*
08: King Kutlass – Untitled // Western Lore*
09: Sonic – Empty Bar // Western Lore
10: Dead Man’s Chest – Just 4 // Western Lore
11: Response & Pliskin – The Mancunian Way // Western Lore
12: Coco Bryce – Come 2 U // Western Lore*
13: Response & Pliskin – Plastic Face // Lore Ltd
14: Adam F – Aromatherapy // Section 5
15: Coco Bryce – AFX (Bootleg) // Unreleased
16: Dead Man’s Chest – Lo-Freq Soul // Foundation X*
17: Response & Pliskin – Stabland // Western Lore*
18: Sonic – Volcan // Western Lore
19: Afrika HiTek – Out In The Streets (VIP) // Warp
20: Thugwidow – Hard Rave Aesthetic // Western Lore*
21: Eusebeia – Equal Rights & Justice // Western Lore*
22: Earl Grey – Levitate (VIP) // Western Lore*
23: Silent Dust – Another Sunlight (Dead Man’s Chest’s Dutty Drums version) // Western Lore X None 60
24: Response & Pliskin – Ostrich // Western Lore*

Dead Man’s Chest x Posse EP is out now on Sneaker Social Club.

Buy it here.

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