Hyp 385: D.O.K

Hyp 385: D.O.K

Building beats for almost 20 years, East London’s D.O.K is unquestionably a certified OG of the grime scene. Behind anthems like Crazy Titch’s ‘I Can See You’ and Bruza’s ‘Get Me’, the Newham producer has chosen to stay out of the limelight throughout his career, sharing many a production credit with sparring partner Terror Danjah during Aftershock’s golden years whilst working away on his own back catalogue of instrumentals.

With close affiliations to labels like Hyperdub, Butterz and Hardrive, we’re glad to see the grime veteran resurface as of late. Self-releasing 5 pieces of ammo that had long been doing damage in the dance last September, we’re told D.O.K has big things coming via Oil Gang, Beatcamp, and Mean Streets Records. The last mention of Trends’ imprint got verification last month, as Keep Hush hosted a shell down of legends to celebrate D.O.K’s forthcoming debut EP on the label, Shine. 

Also debuting on our mix series, D.O.K comes armed with a heavyweight bag of riddims, pulling wonky pieces from Sir Spyro, P Jam, Kahn and Neek and of course his own vaults, listen (and reload) below!


DOK – Bang (Mean streets )
P Jam and Trends – Psycho (Dub)
Sir Spyro and Rude Kid – Tekky (Dub)
Trends – Jitterbug (Dub)
DOK – Sky High 2 (Dub)
Trends – Pump It Up Vip (Dub)
Kahn and Neek – Percy – DOK remix (Dub)
DOK – Step ina war (Sky High ep)
Trends and Boylan feat Terror Danjah- The Asylum (Mean Streets)
DOK – Altered Beast (Beat Camp Dub)
Trends and Boylan feat P Jam – PAM (Mean Streets)
Terror Danjah – Snapper (Hardrive)
Trends and Boylan – Syco Sid (Mean Streets)
DOK – 5Mins Ago (Beat Camp Dub)
DOK – ?? (Dub)
DOK – Annihilate The World (Mean Streets)
P Jam,Trends,DOK – ??? (Dub)
Silas – Tribe (Beat Camp Dub)
DOK – Spitefull 2 (Dub)
Jammz and Jack Dat – French Montana riddim (Dub)
Sir Spyro – Do It (Dub)
Trends – Bitch Slap 3
Trends and Boylan – Norman Bates (Sir Spyro Remix) White Label
DOK – ??? (Dub)
Sir Spyro and Rude Kid ??? (Dub)
Silas – Froggy (Mean Streets Dub)
Trends vs DOK – Stomptize (Dub)
DOK – Drugz (Beat Camp Dub)
Silas – ???? (Mean Streets Dub)
DOK – Ghost Rider – (Mean Streets)
Silas – ??? (Mean Streets Dub)
DOK – ???? (Dub)
DOK – ???? (Dub)
DOK – Frightening (Mean Streets)
DOK – Dogz (Dub)
Boylan ,Trends,P Jam – ???? (Dub)
DOK – Shine (Mean Streets)

DOK’s Shine EP is forthcoming via Mean Streets Records in April / May. 

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