Hyp 384: Pris

Hyp 384: Pris

Industrial weight from the Resin label head. 

Pris’ choice to release on his own label, Resin, in 2013 put his gritty industrial sound on the map. Its final release came in 2017 featuring a host of remixes by acclaimed producers including Blawan, Shifted and Stenny. Since 2015, his music has been published on other platforms such as Avian, Semantica Records and now Envra.

The British born DJ, now based in Berlin, has moved from strength to strength. He continuously plays at prestigious venues across Europe, and with support pouring in from a number of high profile electronic figures, the future looks even brighter for Pris.

2019 is set to be one of his busiest years. Pris recently released the White Lies Cast Dark Shadows EP via Madrid based label, Envra and he launches his new label, Empathy, in May with first release the New Babylon EP.

To celebrate the new record, we invited Pris and his kinetic sounds to our mix series, check out the result below.


Luciano Lamanna – Atto di Dolore (Positive Centre Remix)
Architectural – The Barbershop #1
Yogg & Pharaoh – Maurice
S.e.r.e.s. – Lifeforms
Reeko / Jonas Kopp – Dependencia De Poder
Paleman – Cells
Tensal – Darkonia
Randomer – Sheen
Kwartz – Beyond Belief
Svreca – Nida
Kwartz – No Way Out Of The Hole
Drafted – Echolamb
DJ Nobu – 梅雨明け
Pris – Vanity
Phase Fatale – Empty Whip
Aphex Twin – T20A ede 441
Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence
Morphology – Subsurface Ocean
Shinra – Ball Chain
Gosub – Lost In Our Ways
Reedale Rise – Eternal Return

Keep up to date with Pris on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram.

White Lies Cast Dark Shadows is available to buy here.

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