Hyp 383: Lima

Hyp 383: Lima

Tireless drum play from a Glasgow rhythm freak.

Since emerging in 2015, Bristol via London record label and club collective Super Kitchen have continued to challenge contemporary rave formulas through the forward-thinking club music of artists like Mistareez, Drum Thing and Maribor. With a string of high caliber releases in 2018, and the recent launch of their sister label, Angels Never Expire, their high work rate has continued into the new year with the releases of a thunderous debut from Glasgow cat, Lima.

Joining the crew on their 2017 Rhythm Foundation compilation, his percussive workouts comes second to none, on show more so than ever before on Drum Cardio, a three track roller of bouncy techno, trance and hard drum with a surprise cameo from OG DJ Deeon.

Excited by the newcomer, we invited him to our mix series to check his blends are on par with his drum play. Working back through some of his favourite raw club patterns, it’s clear the Glaswegian’s had swing since day one. 100 from the get go…


1. Joey Beltram – The Start It Up
2. TSVI & DJ JM – ???
3. Syn – ???
4. OMAAR – ???
5. 10LEC6 – What The Azz Do? (DJ Funk Remix)
6. DJ JM – Rainee
7. Raito – Green Inferno
8. Demu Mix – Torment
9. F.Tek – Fake Stars
10. JJ Romero – Sabor Latino (Full Tribal Mix)
11. Robbie Rivera – Tribal Beats 1 (Juicy Ibiza)
12. NKC – ???
13. OMAAR – ???
14. Robert Armani – Blow That Shit Out (Joey Beltram Remix)
15. Funk D’Void – Bad Coffee
16. Hiroaki Iizuka – Drum Unit
17. Quest?onmarc – XTCunty
18. Swisha – Goes 2 Bossa Once
19. Butch – Dope (Original Mix)
20. JJ Romero – Electric Drums (Main Tribal Mix)
21. Nacho Chapado – The Last Dance (Drums Mix)
22. Ken Ishii – Extra (Luke Slater Remix)
23. David Moleon – AK47
24. Mike Humpries & Glenn Wilson – Playing Away
25. Lars Klein – Duell at Ichijoji Castle
26. David Moleon – 3000
27. Lima & Doubt – ???

Drum Cardio is out now.

Buy it here.

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