Hyp 381: Daniel Ruane

Hyp 381: Daniel Ruane

Daniel Ruane is a musical vandal, he confronts traditional electro and breaks the form to create experimental tracks. His tunes often incorporate, fast paced, maddening, uncontrollable beats. In contrast, a portion of his work also concentrates on ambient music.

He’s had a string of releases on labels like Natural SciencesInfinite Machine and oqko, some collaboratively, but most recently being a five track solo EP, Twitch, which encapsulates his tenants and proves he’s a standalone artist.

Whilst his DJing schedule has taken him to Berlin, London, and shortly Liverpool and Leeds, Daniel’s next next venture will be the launch of his label, Failed Units.

Inviting him to our mix series, Daniel channels a fierce selection of sound influences that through the worlds of techno, IDM, and trance interspaced with occasional ambient flushes of bliss. Listen in full below.


Tout Croche – The Desolation Prize
Ness – Hypnopaedia (Original Mix)
rRoxymore – bRINGTHEbRAVE (Original Mix)
Pantha Du Prince – Bohemian Forest
Zendid – Hs 606
Ghost in the Machine – Fire Drill
Scalameriya – Zethrei (Original Mix)
Benjamin Damage & Deapmash – Solar 909 (Original Mix)
Abdulla Rashim – Unanimity
Alignment – Mental Rave (Original Mix)
DJ Boss – Zakruta (Original Mix)
Objekt – Runaway
Imaabs – Nuevo Extremo
Boylan – Say Goodbye
smog – Mécanique Oblique [Forthcoming on oqko] MOEGLI – Eloquent Elephant
Objekt – Silica
smog – Seethe (Daniel Ruane Remix)
SOS Gunver Ryberg – Flying

Keep up to date with Daniel Ruane on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud

Featured Image: Toria Rees

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