Hyp 380: rkss

Hyp 380: rkss

With ties to labels like UIQ, Alien Jams, Where To Now? and Condition, Robin Buckley, better known as London artist and contemporary computer music producer rkss, makes sound that explores the “politics and aesthetics of club culture, technology and queerness.”

Processing material from film sound, YouTube and commercial sample packs, rkss’ experiments have become increasingly unconventional since she first made noise on Reject and Fade in 2014, firings shots at scenes like Brostep and EDM through a twisted lens that ultimately aims to question how we form relationships with club culture.

With four albums and a number of EPs and free mixtapes floating across the web, rkss’ latest work, DJ Tools radically dissected the EDM palette and reimagined its purpose to an onslaught of agitated club noise. A debut for Lee Gamble’s adventurous UIQ imprint, she recently added an unlicensed accompaniment to the LP with a new mixtape featuring remixes of top 40 dance classics.

Inviting her to our mix series, rkss moves swiftly through a fine selection of lost house gems, jacked-up club edits and her own warped episodes. Listen in full below.


Population One – Musical Promises [2011] L.I.E.S. – Comeback Dust [2014] SND – Palo Alto [2002] Moods – A Feeling (Deep Feeling) [1993] Lectroluv – If We Try (feat. Joi Cardwell) (Ambient Dub Mix) [1992] Floorplan – Never Grow Old [2013] DJ Jayhood – Show Me Love (jkwd’s girldick edit) [2018] Kelela – DOWN ACTIONS, LOW KEY CHILDISH THOUGH [2015] amnesia scanner x miss prada – as crust x sausage (jkwd blend) – [2016] rkss – pack in this series, which consist of 460 mb pure, massive prime-time progressive, electro sounds, combined in 10 construction kits [2018]

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Featured image: Alessia Gunawan 

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