Hyp 375: DJ Eliot

Hyp 375: DJ Eliot

Now residing in London, French visual artist and music enthusiast DJ Eliot has caused quite the stir on the club circuit in the short time she’s been operating.

Having appeared alongside acts like Minor Science, Detroit Swindle, Beautiful Swimmers, Roza Terenzi and Galcher Lutswerk, she’s heavily involved with collectives Coastal Haze, Church and Rotation, and regularly hits London’s radio transmissions on platforms like Worldwide FM and NTS.

Favouring beats that lean to the left, her selections dig deep and often cross borders via unusual transport methods. Her invite to our mix series sees DJ eliot masterfully exercises control and patience inside the rave, turning up with a wave of dreamy dancefloor variations that gather intensity throughout course.


Medicine Drum – Passage Of Time
MLO – Sleeper
Money Morning – Remnants Of Coy
Deep Space Organisms – Aural Entity
Professor Smith – Remember 48024
Memphis – Around The World
Dj Dog – Rip a C
Tranceparents – Child Two
Derek Marin – Body
Cosmic Baby – Oh Supergirl

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