Hyp 373: Lia Mice

Hyp 373: Lia Mice

Since moving to London in 2015, Australian-born DJ, producer and instrument designer Lia Mice has fully immersed herself in the UK techno and electro scene. Well known for creating wonderfully bizarre shades of new wave and dreamy electro-pop, her growing fascination with the darker underground dance movements is clearly evident in her new album, The Sampler As A Time Machine.

Released in November via JD Twitch’s Optimo Music, the record marks her third full length to date and see her look towards the club more than ever before, drawing inspiration from time travel and memory, and marrying her signature icy pop palette with jittery techno rhythms and a frantic electro pulse. Hailed by the likes of Objekt, Call Super and Zaltan, it makes for a captivating listen from an artist unafraid to step in a new direction.

It comes as no surprise then that the Hyp mix Lia’s crafted is an exploration of the underground club sound. Hitting us with a 45 minute ride that flicks between heavy hitting techno and oddball beats, tracks come from Gazelle Twin, Legowelt, Blawan, Rroxymore, SOPHIE and more.


AJA – XLR (Opal Tapes)
Loraine James – +44 Thinking Of You (Flies + Flies Remix)
Machine Woman – Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved (Technicolour)
Throwing Snow – Cantor’s Dust (Part 2) (Houndstooth)
Marie Davidson – Work It (Ninja Tune)
Lia Mice – Marconi’s Eternal Tone Cloud (Kid Who Remix) (Self released)
Gazelle Twin – Hobby Horse (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)
Legowelt – Learning To Fly (Clone)
Lucrecia Dalt – Analogue Mountains (RVNG INTL.)
Blawan – Kalosi (Ternesc)
Objekt – 35 (PAN)
Helena Hauff – The Smell Of Suds And Steel (Ninja Tune)
Rroxymore – Thoughts Of An Introvert (Don’t Be Afraid)
Lia Mice – Human Being (Optimo Music)
SOPHIE – Pretending (MSMSMSM/Future Classic)

The Sampler As A Time Machine is out now on Optimo Music.

Buy it here.

Featured Image: Chris Turner

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