Hyp 372: Nathalie Capello

Hyp 372: Nathalie Capello

Long before becoming an international DJ, Nathalie Capello was already soaking up the sounds and musical imprints of a number of historical cities. Originally hailing from Holland and raised by her French mother, Nathalie has lived in The Hague, Rotterdam, Poland and now chooses to reside in Berlin.

Combining a love for disco, Italo, house, acid, techno into a DJ style that looks firmly to the rave, Nathalie’s fresh and playful approach to spinning and selecting records has increasingly caught the eye of a growing number of promoters across the globe, having performed at Peckham Rye Festival, Projekt Lab Poznan and countless parties in Holland and Berlin over the past year.

Whilst she’s relatively new on the scene, we’ve no doubt Nathalie will be a DJ we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the near future, which is why we asked her to hit us with a fresh mix of sounds from her record bag. Featuring heat from Wavescape, DJ Ungel, Roza Terenzi and Shanti Celeste, tuck in below.


Wavescape – Voyager
Upsammy – Warm Puddles
DJ Ungel – Transpirits
DJ Different – Real
I Love Stephanie’s Traxx
Johannes Albert – Drum Tree
Roza Terenzi – Yeh Yeh yeh
Blackstone – Samba Oscura
Fine – A2
Shanti Celeste – Loop One
VONDA7 – Babcia
12 x 12 – The Primitive Streak
Ascendance – Rise
Opal Sunn – Aura

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