Hyp 370: Nocow

Hyp 370: Nocow

Rangey selection from the Saint Petersburg selector.

Nocow is the alias of Saint Petersburg’s Aleksei Nikitin, a producer who is re-defining Russian techno. With a keen ear for avant-garde electronics, Nikitin’s production tends to take the form of tripped-out, textural dance music. Often sampling warped vocals, and applying off-kilter percussion and floating melodies, his work under the Nocow alias is rule breaking and different. True to form, his output is shapeshifting: one release may take the form of drifting breaks, whilst the next delivers body blowing kicks and menacing melodies.

This variety is apparent beyond his Nocow alias. As a member of both Wax Paper Cup and Axoneme, Nikitin’s focus extends beyond individual projects. Exploring downtempo IDM, hip-hop and experimental styles through these different groups illustrates the Russian producer’s chameleon-esque production and broad range of influences. A former MC, Nikitin clearly listens to all sorts of music. His mix explores different feelings and intensities, employing techno, drum n bass and house along this sonic voyage. Featuring tracks from himself, Boston 168, Aphex Twin and Legowelt, check out Nocow’s mix below.


Setaoc Mass – Far Away From Yesterday
Bones – Dirt
Aphex Twin – 1st 44
Boston 168 – Drops in Heaven
Jeroen Search – Reduced External Awareness
Nocow – K$$$$ (Len Faki Hardspace Mix)
Naughty Naughty – Jus A Test
Tomohiro Nakamura – Waldorf Blofeld Self FM Test
Vtgnike – Sausemix
AEM Rhythm Cascade – New Day
Legowelt – Forest Conditioner
Omar-S – Leave
Carl Craig – Dominas
Markus Suckut – Orchid
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Rain Dance (Rain Mix)

Nocow’s Atoner LP came out on Rekids at the end of November. Have a listen and grab your copy here.

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