Hyp 367: Trends & Boylan

Hyp 367: Trends & Boylan

Responsible for “that massive grime tune with the Psycho strings”, UK producers Trends & Boylan caused havoc in every rave of 2016 when they unleashed the Norman Bates EP.

Both of a drum and bass background, the pair had only made a couple of tunes together before they produced the grime anthem, and its long-awaited release on Oil Gang finally came true after a slew of batterings from figureheads like Slimzee and Logan Sama.

Fast forward to today and Trends & Boylan have certainly maintained the hype, putting together a killer Norman Bates refix EP with heavyweights Kahn, Spooky and Sir Spyro, and releasing a steady stream of solo and collaborative productions via labels Hardrive Records, Slimzos Recordings, and Trends’ Mean Streets.

The label boss will drop the pair’s debut album Bedlam this November, which having been in the works since last year, features OG’s like Riko Dan, Slimzee, Spooky, P Jam and Terror Danjah across its twelve tracks. In anticipation of the album, Trends & Boylan make an overdue debut on our mix series, bringing with them an infinite supply of pull-back ammunition from their own palette as well as reload numbers from Spooky, P Jam, Silas, Plastician and more.


Trends and Boylan – Syco Sid (Mean Streets Recs)
Spooky,Trends, Boylan – ????? (Dub)
Boylan and Oz – Sin City (Hatched Music Dub)
Trends and Boylan Feat Riko Dan – Dutty Harry (Mean Streets Recs)
Spooky and Boylan – Bionic (Mean Streets Dub)
Boylan – ????? (Dub)
Terror Danjah – Revenge (Dub)
Trends and P Jam – Truth or Die (Dub)
Distinct Motive – Loose Pimp (Dub)
Trends and Boylan Feat Spooky – Grady (Mean Streets Recs)
D.O.K – ????? (Dub)
Trends – Industrial Injection (Dub)
Distinct Motive – Radar (Dub)
Trends and Boylan – The Eye (Mean Streets Recs)
Spooky and Boylan – Firefly (Dub)
Trends and Boylan – Untouchable Remix (Mean Streets Recs)
Boylan – 2hrs Sleep (Dub)
P Jam – Disturbed – Trends Remix (Beat Camp Dub)
J Beatz – ????? (Dub)
Plastician – Skeletor
Trends and Boylan Feat P Jam – PAM (Mean Streets Recs)
Boylan – Droids (Dub)
Boylan – Book Of The Dead (Mean Streets Dub)
Trends and Boylan – Crack Ya Back (Mean Streets Recs)
Silas – Froggy (Dub)
Lost – ???? (Dub)
Trends and Boylan Feat Terror Danjah – The Asylum (Mean Streets Recs)
Harrta – Bhairav (Dub)

Bedlam is out November 23 on both digital and physical formats via Mean Street Records.

Preorder the LP here

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