Hyp 365: Disrupt

Hyp 365: Disrupt

Back in 2003, armed with a “trashy laptop set-up”, a passion for wacky electronic music and a penchant for videogame soundtracks, Jahtari bossman Disrupt set off on a “mission to unite bits and bytes with the goodness of DUB.” This journey has seen the Leipzig-based artist employ novel production techniques, turning to the 8-bit sonics of a Nintendo Gameboy as the sole instrument on his 2014 EP Dub Matrix With Stereo Sound. Omega Station, the German dubmaster’s first album for 8 years, was released in October 2018, detailing asteroid-belt tumbling and cosmonautical adventure over 12 tracks of trippy ambience.

Keeping in line with his cyber space-age aesthetic, his hour-long offering soundtracks a sci-fi exploration of obscure ’70s psychedlica, electronic experiments and library gems. Recorded into an Octatrack sampler before being jammed into composition, the tracks selected in the mix are some of the inspirations behind his aforementioned album. Plug in your aux and kick back with these loony, off-piste vibes.


Piero Umiliani – Roma Amor
Harmonic 33 – Departure Lounge
Ralph Lundsten And The Andromeda All Stars – Discophrenia
Francis Bebey – Savanah Georgia
Nino Nardini – Tickling Shuffle
John Carpenter – Theme From Dark Star
Piero Umiliani – Elzeviro
Space Lady – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
Klaus Weiss – Sequent
Martin Segundo and the Scintilla Strings – When Twilight Falls On NGC 891 (from the Dark Star OST)
Curd Duca – Misty
Mort Garson – Ode To An African Violet
Francis Bebey – Catch Up
Roger Roger – Sound Industrial N°2
Bruce Haack – Electric Lucifer
Logic System – Clash (Chiniyu Of Sun)
Piero Umiliani – Carthago
Patrick Cowley – Don’t Ask
Karel Svoboda – Návštěvníci (Theme from “Die Besucher”)

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